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Fort Wayne Real Estate - Wells County Real Estate


Office (260) 638-4958 
Dennis Ellet...Broker/Owner  
Rose DeLong Scharf...Managing Broker
 Zanesville office (260)638-4958 
Serving the Real Estate Needs of Wells, Adams, Jay, Blackford, Allen,
Whitley and Huntington Counties of Indiana

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Fort Wayne

Along the St. Joseph River you will find the town of Fort Wayne.  In fact, the city is a testament to some of the best of Indiana's natural beauty.  Surrounded by marshes, rivers and wetlands, you can live amidst the lovely greenery of the land.  Fort Wayne lies on the flat land of Tipton Till Plain, giving you a view for miles all around.  Whether you're looking for a waterfront property or a condominium closer to downtown, you'll find the property you're looking for in Fort Wayne.  The city continues to grow steadily meaning you can always find a wide range of homes.  Whether you're looking for new construction, or a home with an old style sense of charm, use the Search the MLS function to choose the criteria you need in a home.  Before you buy a home in Fort Wayne, use this website to gather the information you need.  Our buyer's tips will help you know what you're looking for as you view homes in our tree-lined neighborhoods.  Don't wait.  Find out why so many are relocating to Fort Wayne today.


Near Fort Wayne is the tiny town of Zanesville.  If you're looking for a beautiful community where life moves a little slower, Zanesville is the place to be.  There's a sense of neighborliness that you're not going to find amidst the hustle and bustle of most cities. From equestrian properties to charming homes perfect for first time home buyers, you can find a great place to live the tranquil life in Zanesville.  With excellent local schools and friendly neighbors, what's not to like?  Take a look at our featured listings to see what's available in Zanesville today.  If you're looking to sell your Zanesville home, you can use this website to get the information you need before you put your home on the market.  Find out the little things you can do to add value to your home.  Pursue the useful seller's tips, obtain free real estate reports and use the current market value function to find out what homes in your area have sold for recently.

If you are looking to find homes for sale in Fort Wayne, Zanesville, Ossian, Bluffton, Markle, Huntington, and Allen county you have come to the right place.  View city information on Fort Wayne, Zanesville, as well as the surrounding Allen county cities.  If you are new to purchasing real estate, having an experienced Fort Wayne real estate professional will simplify your search.  If you are considering placing your Zanesville home for bid on the current market you can trust that you will receive help readying, pricing, and marketing your home.  If you are considering investing in Fort Wayne real estate or Zanesville real estate it is very profitable to have the input of a seasoned expert.  Search the MLS for free, and view listings for Fort Wayne, Zanesville, and Ossian properties for sale.  Receive expert guidance on Fort Wayne properties for sale. Call today!

Read more about us and feel free to contact us today.

17631 Indianapolis Rd.  Zanesville, IN  46799
Office (260) 638-4958 or (877) 638-4958
Dennis Ellet   (260) 466-4958
Rose DeLong Scharf  (260) 410-7290
Email: info@ElletRealty.com
 Email: (Dennis) elletrealty@frontier.com
Email: (Rose) rosedelong@realtor.com


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